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Chinese Food in New York City
Chinese Food in New York City is a blog I decided to write giving you the best restaurants in the city. I do hope you try some of these places and have a great experience. I have compiled this list from my own experience and hope you try out some of these food stores.

Chinese Mirch

This restaurant is located on 120 Lexington Avenue NYC, they actually have branches New Jersey and Massachusetts with stores in Texas and Virginia coming soon. They offer Chinese food with Indian flavors with a blend of Cantonese cooking.

From the food side you should give their Diced Chicken in Classic Soy Chili sauce, they also have a curry chicken and Kung Pao Chicken dishes. They sell various seafood dishes, with prawns, chilli and garlic being used in many of their dishes.

Contact Number for Chinese Mirsh: (212) 532-3663
Delivery: Not sure

Tang Pavilion

For those lazy people in NYC, you can get your Chinese Food delivered to your door. With generally good service and staff they can be found on 65 West 55th Street. You can also place your order online using their website, this could be great for those people stuck at the office or in front of the computer. There are many dishes including Soup, Vegetable, Pork, Beef, Seafood, and also duck. I Personally love their Wonton Soup, together with Beef Chow Fun, seems to hit the spot for me.

Contact Number for Tang Pavilion: (212) 956-6888
Delivery: Yes

Café China

Café China is located at 13 East 37th Street, New York. They also have the option to order online via their website, so do a quick search online and order your food. Their menu provides all the classic Asian cuisine including Fried Rice, soups, Vegetable dishes. I love their Shanghai Spring Rolls, and I did try their Baby Ribs in Bamboo Leaves that has pork ribs and sweet rice.

Delivery: Yes, for some areas including 2nd Ave - 8th Ave or 27th St - 57th St in South-North.
Call (212) 213 2810, Open Daily 11am - 10pm

Kum Kau

For those of you in Brooklyn try Kum Kau along 463 Myrtle Avenue. They provide various dishes including Lobster, Chicken, Roast Pork, Chop Suey, and their fried rice is great. Most of their prices seem reasonable as Chinese food goes. I also gave their Hot & Spicy Shredded Chicken a big thumbs up.

Contact Number for Kum Kau: (718) 638-1850.
Delivery: Not Sure

Chef Yu

Chef Yu located at 520 8th Avenue and Yus dishes should wet your taste buds, you can also order your food online using their site. This is a very fancy Chinese Restaurant with great decor and a beautiful created setting. Their food is great, and they offer everything from Soups to Pork, and beef dishes. I recently had their sliced Chicken with eggplant, followed by Prawns with String Beans. Fills you up really well.

Chef Yu Contact Number: +212 736 6150
Delivery: Not Sure

Wa Jeal Sichuan Chili House

Wa Jeal Sichuan Chili House is located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan at 1588 2nd Avenue. They serve great Asian cuisine with authentic Sichuan food. They also allow you to order your food online, so no reason not to give them a try. I love the decor in the restaurant it almost feels very Italian when you walk in, they also have a huge and inviting bar. Their dishes are well put together and professionally plated. They do seem a little on the pricy side, for example their Wok Roasted Chili Prawns is almost $23. You can find everything from Rice and Noodle dishes to Soups, Vegetables, and Poultry dishes like their Crispy White meat Chicken at around $14 - tasted good.

Contact Number for Wa Jeal: (212) 396 3339
Delivery: Not Sure.

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Chinese Food in New York City
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