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Americans seem to love Chinese Food
So its no secret, Americans seem to love Chinese Food, this has been a gradual trend over the past few years, but lately there are a large number of Americans looking for "Chinese Food Near Me", they are not nessearyily looking for authentic Chinese food but the Americanized version that has become popular all over the country.

What Chinese people really Eat

So if you actually sat down with a real Chinese family, or those who have inherited some form of Chinese culture you will be surprised to see what they eat. They love their vegetables, and fruits and generally dont eat dessert. The magical fortune cookie is another way they used clever marketing to sell more gimmicks to the American market.

The Chinese people do eat noodles, and rice, but many other dishes like Chop Suey, Egg rolls, and General Tsos Chicken were very much created for the American fast food market. Other dishes on most Chinese food menus like Wonton Soup and Kung Pao Chicken are also eaten traditionally by most Chinese families, they also love spring rolls which are similar to Egg Rolls.

What states are looking for Chinese Food?

Even though you can find thousands of people across the entire United States looking for Chinese food restaurants, there is a much bigger market on the east coast, the state that wins in this search is New York, followed by New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and then Maryland. The most popular feature that Americans are looking for when it comes to Chinese food is "Delivery", we dont only love our Chinese food, but we dont want to leave the house to get it.

How popular is Chinese Food in America?

Americans truly love Chinese food, they love it even more during the holidays, in fact in January there are almost 80 percent less searches for "Chinese Food" than during December, where a wopping 250,000 seaches take place every month. Thats 8000 people across the United States looking for the closest Chinese food restaurant that delivers.

Besides our love for Applebees, Chinese food ranks higher than steak, Mexican, and Italian food searches. That means we simply love Asian cuisine even if it is our own Americanized version. The single greatest attribute I found in my research is that we want our Chinese food delivered to our door, so any Chinese food restaurants out there, perhaps its time you invested in a few more scooters.

The trend of Chinese cooking

We not only want people to deliver our food, we are also trying our hand at chicken recipes, over a half a million Americans are looking for Chinese recipes so that we can offer some chicken chow mein at our next dinner party.

It would appear that the trend is not limited to Chinese, Americans are loving Asian cuisine, this includes Tai, Indian, and Japanese food - these trends are here to stay, and they appear to be slightly healthier for us than your local steak or burger joints.

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