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The Best Takeaway in USA is?
My Favourite Chinese Restaurant is
What Chinese Meal is your Favourite
How much do you spend on Chinese Food
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Vote: McDonalds
Well.. Why I chose McDonald? answer is simple it s unique Burgers are incompatible to any other fast food to me.
Vote: About once a Month
I love dining out once a month out of my monthly schedules.. I love Chinese food at first degree... though I love sushi
Vote: Less than $5
I only access these kind of food when i am in town. Most of the chinese food are too chilli.
Vote: More than $10
I most usually buy for my family of 4 so we spend around $30 because we always get the wantons too.
Vote: Soups
I love egg soup. I could eat it every day. I have to have the dried noodles to go with it though!!
Vote: The local Chinese Place near my House
Really good chinese food and they have the biggest portions I ve ever seen!! Best egg foo young!!
Vote: At Least 5 times a Month
I usually go to Mcdonalds or Red Robin of my choices to grab something to eat because I think both restaurants have some
Vote: Subway
I think subway food is healthy and it s definitely not that fattening and most of all there food isn t greasy like some
Vote: Chow Mein
Because its not pizza and its good to eat on occasion. It goes well with many other dishes and its a good way to lighten
Vote: Fried Shrimps
I love fried shrimps or just shrimp for that matter because no matter how shrimped is cook as long as it s cooked right
Vote: I Prefer Delivery
Sometimes the carry out or fast food restaurants be very crowded so I prefer delivery always.
Vote: I like eating at the Restaurant
Going to a healthy restaurant is a great way to try new recipes so you have ideas for home meals.
Vote: Subway
It has salad, out of all the choices this at least has fresh greens and veggies that can be added.
Vote: Spring Rolls
It was the best choice out of the options. I like Sushi, most rolls, only if eel is cooked, and I don t like octopus.
Vote: Duck
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Vote: At Least 5 times a Month
Sometimes I get so busy running around that I dont always have time to stop and eat.
Vote: Wendys
The food is always hot, the way I asked for it and although its made when you order its out pretty quick.
Vote: The local Chinese Place near my House
I support local Chinese restaurants and they are very friendly. The food is also very good. Good portions and good pric
Vote: From $5 to $10
That is what a plate cost for Chinese food I would like for it to less that 10 dollars
Vote: I always fetch my Takeout
I like leaving
Vote: Almost Never
To much FAT, to greasy, and probably not meat as we know it. it s ok once in awhile.
Vote: I Prefer Delivery
Convenience rules the day. Worth two bucks
Vote: Egg-fried rice
Like having breakfast anytime
Vote: Egg-fried rice
Good rice, good egg, happy happy, very long time, like parachuting soul through forest of love
Vote: The local Chinese Place near my House
Good Chinese Buffet, at a good price, and I can take out by the container and not by weight.
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