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Rushmore Diner
Rapid City
Address: 840 Mount Rushmore Rd
Phone: (605)399-2650
Address: 161 West Main Street # A
Phone: (605)584-3993
Arby`s Resturant
Address: 1500 South Burr Street
Phone: (605)996-5656
Burger King
Rapid City
Address: 2300 Mount Rushmore Road
Phone: (605)343-7363
Rapid City
Address: 2415 Mount Rushmore Road
Phone: (605)341-0387
Dairy Queen
Address: 1501 West Havens Street
Phone: (605)996-6324
Arby`s Restaurant
Sioux Falls
Address: 5050 North Cliff Avenue
Phone: (605)336-9776
Dixis Bros Grill
Sioux Falls
Address: 2400 North Louise Avenue
Phone: (605)362-9789
Kentucky Fried Chicken
Sioux Falls
Address: 3100 South Louise Avenue
Phone: (605)362-1933
Address: 218 South Boulevard
Phone: (605)279-2722
Amoco Food Shop
Address: 630 East Jackson Boulevard
Phone: (605)642-5592
Subway Sandwiches & Salads
Sioux Falls
Address: 2720 West 12th Street
Phone: (605)335-0940
Arby`s Roast Beef Restaurant
Address: 1220 9th Avenue Southeast
Phone: (605)886-2214
Address: 3800 9th Avenue Southeast
Phone: (605)882-4531
Taco Bell
Address: 615 Centennial Street East
Phone: (605)229-0642
A & W Restaurant
Address: 10 East Highway 12
Phone: (605)345-4140
MT Rushmore Dairy Queen
Address: 804 Highway 16A
Phone: (605)666-4441
Rapid City
Address: 1225 East Saint Patrick Street
Phone: (605)341-3057
Arby`s Restaurant - Main Office
Sioux Falls
Address: 1308 East 60th Street North
Phone: (605)373-9444
Burger King Restaurants
Sioux Falls
Address: 401 West Russell Street
Phone: (605)334-6464
Rapid City
Address: 918 East North Street
Phone: (605)342-2847
Dairy Queen
Address: 1502 N Broadway Ave
Phone: (605)853-2399
Subway of Redfield
Address: 827 West 4th Street
Phone: (605)472-0101
Taco Bell
Rapid City
Address: 902 East North Street
Phone: (605)341-7564
Wendy`s Old Fashioned Hamburgers
Sioux Falls
Address: 708 South Minnesota Avenue
Phone: (605)335-1674
Arby`s Restaurant
Rapid City
Address: 1620 Cambell Street
Phone: (605)341-3811
Burger King
Sioux Falls
Address: 4000 W 41st St
Phone: (605)361-4150
Hill`s Dairy Queen
Hill City
Address: 373 Main Street
Phone: (605)574-4735
Pizza Time
Rapid City
Address: 1707 W Main St
Phone: (605)341-5100
Wendy`s Old Fashioned Hamburgers
Sioux Falls
Address: 3701 West 41st Street
Phone: (605)361-8108
Wendy`s Old Fashioned Hamburgers
Address: 220 Ryan Road
Phone: (605)642-4037
Address: 437 Mount Rushmore Road
Phone: (605)673-2722
Find Chinese Food Near your Address, this site provides the best chinese restaurants in the United States, we are trying to collect a database of chinese food restaurants with address and telephone information. Please provide reviews if you have visited these places so we can start identifying the best ones in your area.

There are thousands of people everyday across America who are in search of Chinese food stores that provide delivery, we would like to also add that as a feature to our website, so that we can list those that deliver food and those that do not. Please comment if you have visited any of the chinese food stores above so that we can create a healthy debate about the best resturants near your address.
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