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Do you prefer Fetching your Food, or getting a Delivery
I Prefer Delivery (60%)
I always fetch my Takeout (21%)
I like eating at the Restaurant (17%)
Poll Comments
I Prefer Delivery
voterSometimes the carry out or fast food restaurants be very crowded so I prefer delivery always.
I like eating at the Restaurant
voterGoing to a healthy restaurant is a great way to try new recipes so you have ideas for home meals.
I always fetch my Takeout
voterI like leaving
I Prefer Delivery
voterConvenience rules the day. Worth two bucks
I like eating at the Restaurant
voterIt s fresher, the food tastes better and there may be seepage of toxins from the packaging materials used for takeaway foods. There s also a nice atmosphere usually, so all of it makes it a much more fully rounded experience.
I Prefer Delivery
voterIt s too hot to go out!
I Prefer Delivery
voterAlways like doing family stuff at home
I Prefer Delivery
voterSesame seed chicken with fried rice with out eggs
I Prefer Delivery
voterI do like to take delivery busy to wait
I always fetch my Takeout
voterDelivery just costs more, and i have kids so a resturant is not always an option.
I always fetch my Takeout
voterI usually phone them, and pick it up, I dont have to wait, it works out well.
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