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How many time do you eat Takeaways per Month
About once a Month (28%)
About Twice a Month (14%)
At Least 5 times a Month (35%)
At Least 8 times a Month (7%)
At Least 12 times a Month (0%)
At Least 15 Times a Month (0%)
Almost Never (14%)
Poll Comments
About once a Month
voterI love dining out once a month out of my monthly schedules.. I love Chinese food at first degree... though I love sushi at best.
At Least 5 times a Month
voterI usually go to Mcdonalds or Red Robin of my choices to grab something to eat because I think both restaurants have some very good burgers, fries, and drinks.
At Least 5 times a Month
voterSometimes I get so busy running around that I dont always have time to stop and eat.
Almost Never
voterTo much FAT, to greasy, and probably not meat as we know it. it s ok once in awhile.

About Twice a Month
voterI usually go to subway and Mcdonalds.
Subway sells the best subs and I feel that there food is healthy but when I want something real quick I tend to go through Mcdonalds drive through to get a Big Mac Meal and Ice tea because it taste so good so nothing is wrong with a good burger every now and then.
Almost Never
voterOrange chicken and chow mein!
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