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How much do you spend on Chinese Food
Less than $5 (20%)
From $5 to $10 (44%)
More than $10 (34%)
Poll Comments
Less than $5
voterI only access these kind of food when i am in town. Most of the chinese food are too chilli.
More than $10
voterI most usually buy for my family of 4 so we spend around $30 because we always get the wantons too.
From $5 to $10
voterThat is what a plate cost for Chinese food I would like for it to less that 10 dollars
More than $10
voterI have a large family, so it costs at least $20 to feed everyone, We do get good value when we buy chinese food, can feed at least 2 adults and 4 Kids
Less than $5
voterDont eat Chinese food dont really like it because it is too greasy. I prefer other foods
More than $10
voterBig eater and love Chinese Food :) Soups, appetizers and main dishes. Love trying different things each time.
Less than $5
voterI love chinese food, It is my favorite food to eat, I hope this answer is good fo
More than $10
voterI ve never known a place to deliver for less than $10 so I will spend more than $10 because I think the list will be non-existent otherwise.
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