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Shanghai Chinese Restaurant
Restaurant Features
Shanghai Chinese Restaurant have a team of great chefs for your asian cuisine. They offer all the regular Chinese food, and a variety of vegetarian dishes.

You can come dine at the restaurant or order your food as takeout, they also sell imported beer with your meals.
Contact Details
Address 830 N Milpas Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93103-3031
City Santa Barbara, California
Phone (805)962-7833
Fax Nr.
Website http://www.shanghaisbca.net/
Our Review
Having visited this store, it is clear that:
  • Prices are reasonable
What about Delivery Options?
  • We are not sure if they deliver
What about their website?
  • Their website is pretty average
  • Easy to use, and effective
You should find the following on their menu
  • Variety of Beef Dishes
  • Vegetable dishes
  • Seafood Dishes
  • Curry Dishes
What I liked on the Menu
Orange Flavor Beef
Mongolian Beef
Chicken with Cashew Nuts

Vegetable Chop Suey (Vegetarians)
Kung Pao Tofu
Delivery and Order Details
Trading Hours
Mon to Saturday 11 till just after 9
but on Sundays they only open for Dinner.
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