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The Best Takeaway in USA is?
McDonalds (11%)
Subway (44%)
Starbucks Coffee (11%)
Burger King (0%)
Wendys (22%)
Taco Bell (11%)
Dunkin Donuts (0%)
Poll Comments
voterWell.. Why I chose McDonald? answer is simple it s unique Burgers are incompatible to any other fast food to me.
Starbucks Coffee
voterStarbucks is the best! a great cup of my favorite coffee with some pastries and I m good to go
voterI think subway food is healthy and it s definitely not that fattening and most of all there food isn t greasy like some fast food places.
voterIt has salad, out of all the choices this at least has fresh greens and veggies that can be added.
voterThe food is always hot, the way I asked for it and although its made when you order its out pretty quick.
voterBest food available in the USA
voterWendys has a variety of food from hamburgers to salads. it is nice to have a choice.
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