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What Chinese Meal is your Favourite
Fried Shrimps (36%)
Chow Mein (18%)
Duck (9%)
Soups (13%)
Egg-fried rice (9%)
Spring Rolls (4%)
Sweet and Sour Pork (9%)
Poll Comments
voterI love egg soup. I could eat it every day. I have to have the dried noodles to go with it though!!
Chow Mein
voterBecause its not pizza and its good to eat on occasion. It goes well with many other dishes and its a good way to lighten the flavors of other Chinese foods. I also like to mix rice with my chow mein.
Fried Shrimps
voterI love fried shrimps or just shrimp for that matter because no matter how shrimped is cook as long as it s cooked right to perfection it s delicious no matter what. I love shrimp.
Spring Rolls
voterIt was the best choice out of the options. I like Sushi, most rolls, only if eel is cooked, and I don t like octopus.
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Egg-fried rice
voterLike having breakfast anytime

Egg-fried rice
voterGood rice, good egg, happy happy, very long time, like parachuting soul through forest of love
Fried Shrimps
voterIm a sea food lover, dont like chinese as much
voterSoups usually have less calories than solid food and are great to sip on when a person has a fever or is not feeling well
Chow Mein
voterChow Mein without a doubt is the best thing to eat, I would eat it with my partner at least once a week, he loves it too
Fried Shrimps
voterShrimp fried rice
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